Quadra Hosting provides fast, reliable, and affordable Australian web hosting services. Our web hosting services include PHP Web Hosting compatible with Linux/LAMP with all the "bells and whistles" and it supports all the features for Joomla, Wordpress, Magento, Drupal, vBulletin, etc. We also provide ASP.NET Hosting, powered by Windows Servers and IIS, as well as Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Our company was established in 2003 and we are 100% Australian. Our technical support staff is based in Australia, and so are our servers. We have years of technical experience in supporting our valued customers.

Customer's Quotes and Reviews

Quadra Hosting has the fastest speeds of any web host that we've tested to date. Knowing how critical page load speed is for e-commerce websites, you want to pick a web host that you can trust to deliver blazing fast speeds and we're absolutely confident that Quadra is one of the quickest web hosts around.

Their price points are very attractive and knowing that they have an Australian-based, quality customer support team is highly comforting. We would recommend Quadra to anyone looking for a great web host. Read my full review here. HYPERLINK (hostinglab.com.au/quadra-web-hosting-review/)

- Marcus Beckett

Your company has been so fantastic to deal with for every single thing, in every way.

We couldn't be happier and will always readily recommend Quadra Hosting to anyone we know needing hosting.

You guys have the best customer support of any company I've ever dealt with. I'm always amazed at the response times. Thanks again!

Let me say it once again though - I say it every time, but I suspect you guys don't get to hear it enough - I think you rock! I can't imagine a web host that would offer better support than Quadra Hosting!

I must say that you all shine brightly as far as I'm concerned. The speedy and incredibly helpful assistance I have received is second to none.

I will be spreading the word!

Your support team is responsive and helpful. This is a very good thing - rare to non-existent among ISPs and almost as rare among hosting companies; keep it up.

I have been with Quadrahosting for approx. 1 year, on a recommendation from a friend. The whole time, I have had an amazing experience. Stefaan helped me quite a lot at the beginning and recently I had an issue with some code and Jimmy promptly restored a backup from two days prior within an hours notice. The server has never been down, site speeds are great, and the control panels are very easy to use. I highly recommend the whole team for anyone interested in web hosting.

You are probably one of the best companies I have dealt with as your service has been impeccable, so I want to thank you for your fantastic support over the many years I have been a customer of QH.

We seldom need help from your support team however, when we do, it is always prompt and useful. Quadra was recommended to us by a Web Developer some years ago and after transferring from our previous Hosting Company, we have never regretted our decision. Indeed, I have personally referred you on several occasions myself.

Should you wish to use this feedback for Marketing purposes, it would be my pleasure for you to do so.

Thanks for advice. When we are ready to move the site, I will get back in contact with you for the assistance you have kindly offered.

Managing Director

I would just like to take this opportunity to express how impressed I am with the support received from your team, not only with transferring a couple of domain names (which is fairly routine) but also with the migration of my Wordpress MutiSite blog to a new domain name.

Not only was this accomplished seamlessly, but I was most impressed with
the speed and professionalism demonstrated by your support staff.

To be honest I was considering moving to Amazon EC2 hosting with a view to
it being cheaper and more expandable as needs arose, but the level of support and commitment I received from your company far exceeded any small saving.

Ultimately I hope to grow our business to the level where we need a dedicated service, and be assured you will be the one.

Many Thanks

MgrCentral Pty Ltd.

I (and my clients) have been very satisfied customers of Quadra Hosting for 10+ years now and apart from the extraordinary server stability and uptime, I am continually in awe of the speed and accuracy of the Quadra Technical Support team. Their courtesy, caring, competence and commitment eclipses - by several orders of magnitude - anything else I have experienced in 22 years of dealing with web service supply businesses. I simply do not believe there is a superior web hosting and support service on this planet.


Thanks for such a fast response. This is a very impressive service far exceeding other hosting companies I have dealt with.

From my e-mail history I see that my first contact with Quadra Hosting was on 29/06/2007, and I signed up for hosting that very same day.

I had been looking for a reliable hosting company, after several poor hosting experiences during the previous decade. The other hosting companies had plans that were too expensive for what they offered, plans that didn't provide the required features (e.g., online storage limit being far too low), provided poor support (billing, technical), and in the worst case went offline for a week or more!

My experience with Quadra Hosting over the last eight years has been satisfying, very satisfying indeed. During that period there were only a handful of service failures, all of them quickly fixed with no noticeable impact on website and mail availability. Planned maintenance was always notified well ahead of time, and had no impact on availability.

There is no doubt at all in my mind that Quadra Hosting runs a highly professional, reliable and trustworthy operation. Just as importantly, Quadra Hosting staff always provide "service with a smile" which cannot be said of all hosting companies!

What a First Class service Quara Hosting offers!!

When I first enquired about using their service for the non profit darts club I play for, I got great responses. First thoughts were, "Sales team responses, sure they are responsive, they just want our money." i.e. Answer with BS and get the cash!!

Since signing up (with those reservations), I am now a convert. I could have suggested an offshore host and saved a few dollars a year for the club (or gone with a free host), but with the after sales support I have received since then, we have saved bucket loads in support from Quadra, and it just seems to be all just part of the service. Now that is a nice change in my experience.

Gold Coast Darts Association is a small club a the time of writing this testimony, but just putting it out there for now, I think our web presence will expand the club, and while I know what we do to promote the site is the key, Quadra has been a real partner in the process.

Thanks Quadra Hosting.


You guys do a really great job there, very professional and great support for your customers. Some of these other big companies take weeks to get back to you - like Google, Paypal etc

You guys provide assistance to customers like myself very quickly and that gets us all back online and doing business and that's what it's all about.

Thanks again

Quadra Hosting is a brilliant company to deal with. They just replaced my old Wordpress website with my new development website in a few minutes. This would have led to tears if I had attempted this myself. Great service!

For anyone needing hosting.... Here is where it is at! The term CUSTOMER SERVICE actually should have these guys business next to them in the dictionary! Thank you again - going on 7 years a couple of different sites, lots of help and support needed and provided without fail every time

Have to say guys - Wow what a service. Am new to your company having been recommended to swap to you. My previous hosting company had no customer service/support and in fact were rude even once going as far as saying on their support tickets "this is a support desk - I don't have any more time to spend on stupid support requests"........All of my dealings with you so far have been excellent, informative and quick in response. Will certainly recommend you to anybody looking for this type of service. Great work guys.

Wow - you guys are amazing. I signed up yesterday and your tech support people have gone the extra mile to make sure my site was up and running as soon as possible. Your servers are lightning quick. My blog has never been faster. I'm a very happy customer. Thanks so much

I have to say that I have used you for years now and by far you have the best customer support response of any company in any capacity that I have used. It really is appreciated.


A big thanks to the team at Quadra for getting me up & running in such a short time frame. So great to have online support that is so informative & quick. I will be recommending you to anyone that requires hosting. Thanks for the Australian service, it made a big difference.

Thank you to all at Quadra Hosting So good to find a hosting service for my website. Your service is fast, efficient, easy and helpful. Such good value for money as well.

Queensland SEO proudly use Quadra Hosting's Australian based servers for our web hosting and are delighted to see a positive boost to our website's SEO and analytical statistics due to our recent hosting upgrades such as a dedicated IP address and SSL certificate. Great support, excellent prices and dedicated service.


So far, I am extremely satisfied with your service. What a relief after having used several of the supposedly largest/most advertised providers, good on you :)


Your overall product offering is first class. Having worked many years ago as a Business Manager of an ISP, I have some understanding of the issues facing companies that offer such nebulous products as Web Hosting.

Quadra Hosting was recommended to me by a web developer, as we had had a few issues with our previous Hosting supplier. He didn't oversell Quadra to us: he just said that he didn't have any problems and that you guys were "responsive".

Probably the biggest failure in the Australian Service sector, is its non-responsiveness. Where Quadra Hosting differentiates itself from many other companies, is in its responsiveness to customers' Support requests and their timely resolution. In my experience, this is uncommon, especially in the IT sector, which usually "hates" providing customer support, preferring to build new infrastructure and other "more interesting" things.

Quadra Hosting shows the business maturity to understand that its business *exists* for a customer and acts accordingly. This is one customer who applauds your Service and is very happy to refer you to those looking for a first class, customer-focused Web Hosting provider.

Best wishes and thanks again.

My husband and l would like to say that you guys are so amazing. More and more of our clients are moving to your servers because you provide fast efficient and most of all helpful support. We have been developing sites here and abroad since ekkk 2000 and of all the service providers we have used in that time, you're by far the best.

We'd buy you all a beer if we could.

Keep up the great work because let's face it people don't give credit where credit is due nowadays.

I really appreciate your help on this. When I have issues, always Quadra have given me 100% support. Thanks again.

You guys have been great!!! Especially the support you have offered and your turnaround times have been really quick too, not just this time but all times - not sure if it's in your SLA's but you guys are awesome.

Just wanted to drop you all a line to say you're the fastest, most knowledgeable customer support that I've ever had from any webhost! It's a complete pleasure not to have to go through two levels of script-reading bunnies before getting to someone who can actually fix the problem. With Quadra Hosting, I always get it fixed first time.

I think I'll be sticking with Quadra Hosting for a long time to come, and the customer support will be the main reason why.

We have just switched our hosting to Quadra Hosting, and I am very impressed.

Our first sales support question was answered very promptly, which was a good start. But... Sales support is often good, it's the service that usually fails miserably. Not with Quadra Hosting. I cannot speak highly enough of the technical support provided by Stefaan today.

We had a fairly complex file and site structure that we needed transferred and I was nervous and unsure about how to proceed. Stefaan took care of everything in a very prompt and efficient manner. The change over process went very smoothly and now we are up and running with Quadra Hosting.

So far our customers are experiencing a 40% faster page loading time.
Thanks for your great work today - your support and efficiency is highly appreciated.

I really appreciate the level of service I get from Quadra Hosting. You've got a great support team :)

I have been a Quadra Hosting customer since 2004 and wanted everyone to know that these guys are terrific. I really appreciate their help, it's outstanding. [This testimonial was sent to us in 2013]

Thanks for you quick and speedy help, this is why I love using you guys! GREAT SUPPORT!

Quadra hosting rock, I've been a client for over seven years now and have never had any issues, excellent service, prompt and friendly, keep up the good work!

I must congratulate you on the continually outstanding level of customer service - we realise that we are pushing the limits of the shared environment and you and the support staff have done an amazing job accommodating us!

There's no doubt about it, you guys are fantastic! Thanks for your help once again.

Thanks. You are always very responsive and helpful and generous with your time in explaining what's going on.

Just wanted to let you know I really appreciate your help. Even though it was not a Quadrahosting issue you stepped in and helped.
Outstanding customer service!

I've been with you for years and you provide the best support I've ever come across. Quick and very knowledgeable.

As usual. Your service and response time is nothing short of exceptional.

Again, you have been brilliant; I wouldn't host these things anywhere else but with Quadra Hosting!

Many thanks for your wonderful support - you're a genius!!

Very nice work and greatly appreciated. Since we have been with Quadra Hosting, the service has been exceptional.

I have to say that I have always been very impressed with QH's support. If I made a similar request of any other organisation, I'd be waiting 48 hours for a response. You have completely solved my problem within an hour. Well done!

Thanks heaps. Excellent response time as usual - much appreciated.

You guys are the best. Thanks for your help.

As always, I'm extremely happy with the tech support I get from you guys. It gives me great confidence knowing that I can rely on you to make me look good to my clients. I've actually turned down customers who didn't want to host with you.

We have been with Quadra for a number of years. There is absolutely none better this company and the support provided.

Thanks to all the staff!

The site is working so much better now. We always appreciate Quadra Hosting's fast response to support issues. We do recommend you to all our clients and l am happy to say everyone that we host on our account has been very pleased with the service.

Great work

You guys are great. I really love the customer service I get with you!

I couldn't be more pleased with the professionalism and customer support shown to me by Quadra Hosting. They continue to surprise me with their prompt response and genuine care. I'm just so glad to have found them. When you find someone this good, you have to pass it on, so not only do we tell others how great they are - but we've put a link to them on our website

Great stuff Jimmy and team!

I just wanted to say thanks in a slightly more personal way than just by email. (this was sent to us as a snail mail)

We are truly appreciative of your efforts & the work you do to keep everything running. Even more so for fishing us out of trouble every so often.

Thanks for looking after us - I know it's your job, but we like to look after the people who look after us.


I am so appreciative that you and the Quadra Hosting team have gone to such lengths to help me solve this issue. I can't thank you enough, you and the team go beyond any support I would imagine.

Nobody has actually asked me to submit a testimonial, but I do believe that when you are on to a good thing, you should tell other people about it. I have now worked with a couple of hosting companies, but none of them come even close to Quadra Hosting. What I like about Quadra Hosting is their excellent friendly service. I am no expert when it comes to IT and don't really know what I am doing at times, but QH always come to the rescue and they never make you feel that you ask silly questions.

Once again your assistance, accommodation and dedication to customer service is outstanding. (You may quote me)

Thanks for the exceptional hosting support, you guys are head and shoulders above anyone else I have used in the past (10 years or so), I'll be directing as many of my clients as possible to host their sites via Quadra Hosting!

I am extremely happy with the tech support, you guys rock. Super-fast, competent and all my issues were resolved in no-time. Moving to Quadrahosting was the best decision ever!

Thank you for your ongoing help in our hour of need. I will continue to direct my customers to you for exactly this reason.

Hi! Many thanks for your assistance you have helped me resolve this issue. Also I must say your response times and service is fantastic!!

I wanted to pass on that this past week our server appears to have been performing very well. Our sites have been consistently responsive, our DB is running fast, and our e-mail broadcast last night -- our largest ever -- went out without a hitch.

I know support tickets are traditionally to report technical problems, but I also know that this doesn't all come together by magic. Thanks so much, from our whole team, for the great work that you all do. It doesn't go unnoticed!

I love you!

I'm a huge fan of Quadra, which isn't something I've said about a hosting company before - Thanks for doing such a great job!

1. The functionality available via the users controls panels does everything I need, and if I have not been able to do something, the support desk - you guys have been able to offer help quickly.

2. You are knowledgeable and capable.

It looks like we have our bugs sorted out. We are happy everything is working now. Thank you for all the help. You guys really know your stuff. We are glad to be with Quadra.

Thank you again - I really do appreciate the help, and service. Makes me look good to my clients.

I just wanted to send another thank you to Jimmy, Brenton and Chris for their professional help and support this week. Never have I received better support from a hosting provider or telco provider.

I will be recommending you to all of my clients for email and hosting especially now that I know the support is fantastic.

The service at Quadra Hosting's Tech Support has always been brilliant! Keep up the good work.

Many thanks; exemplary service +10. Rare to find such responsive service. I, and others, are Quadra Hosting's best advertising!

You have proven to me once again that Quadra Hosting has an outstanding level of support and customer service that is sadly lacking in much of the rest of web hosting industry!

Keep up the good work in 2012....always impressed by your prompt and friendly service when I have the occasional query

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Quadra for very helpful and efficient service, especially from Stefaan, I've been pleasantly surprised at just how good your team is.

Many thanks and regards.

I do hope you have a very good 2011. You and your team certainly deserve it. I never cease to be amazed at the quality and quantity of your service.

Quadra Hosting have been offering hosting services for my clients for over 4 years and the quality of the service is second to none. Of all the hosts I've tried, Quadra's easy to use interface and speedy tech support has made them a cut above the rest. Their tech support in particular are very helpful and responsive to feature requests where most hosting companies don't offer that flexibility.

Thanks for everything guys.

Over the years you handled the account I had no issues at all. There was always good, prompt communication regarding system upgrades which made it easy know if I was going to be affected or not. A couple of minor issues were dealt with very promptly, efficiently and with great customer service.

Since being recommended to Quadra I have found the service to be the highest quality available in the market. When we made television appearances to promote our website (and were expecting much higher rates of hits) we simply emailed technical support who immediately increased our service, which easily supported up to 1 million hits (February 2008). Our website never had a fault and the contact from Quadra to inform us of downtime was always informative and short. I believe the only unscheduled downtime we experienced in three years was when a massive blackout affected the majority of Sydney. This is testament to how Quadra has performed over this time.

I have many clients and friends enquire about who to use for a website service. I always recommend Quadra Hosting as a reliable, easy, fast and flexible service.

Thank you for the efficient, reliable service you have provided to our website

Just a short note to say, that since I've been with Quadra I've been astounded by the swift responses and quality of your service and support. Good stuff Quadra, I would highly recommend you guys to other developers.

You guys always took the time to explain things and guide me through them, especially when I first tried doing all this computer stuff for my self. You guys do a good job.

I work on two other accounts with Quadra Hosting - one of mine and one of an associate. We both agree that Quadra provides very good service and facilities. It's hard to think of much at the moment that could be improved!

Keep up the good work.

I have been using quadra for a number of years now and have been consistently satisfied with the overall product and exceptionally prompt and knowledgeable tech support. :) cheers

Thank you Quadra Support for all great support on my new (migrated) hosting service this Sunday - the 2nd February 2008!

The new Quadra hosting service delivers my Australian client's pages about 2.5 times faster than my previous hosting provider in the USA.

The Quadra Team provided me their time and effort on a Sunday to get my website migration rapidly in place. The full time lag between applying to Quadra for Hosting and a full working Internet service - was only a four hours.

Thanks to Quadra support who displayed extra-ordinary support and follow up support.

This speaks to me of a great service, and in my service role - I will be one
of your good 'word-of-mouth' spoke-persons.

Kind Regards - Peter Bowey

We are very impressed with the speed, reliability and service from Quadra Hosting. We wanted a fast, good value, Australian based hosting plan – without compromising on quality - and Quadra Hosting has exceeded our expectations. Our customers often comment on how fast our site is.

When we were planning our new e-commerce venture, we looked hard and wide for An Aussie based host. Quadra Hosting was a clear winner. Fast and reliable support coupled with a great pricing scheme and web control make Quadra the premier hosting service in Australia. All our sites load quickly. We have never had a support issue that Quadra have not been able to solve in a fast and highly professional manner. We currently have 17 sites hosted with Quadra and have plan for 33 more. Quadra Hosting is a valuable partner for our e-commerce ventures.

Ive been with Quadra Hosting pretty much since day one. I havent had any issues whatsoever and recently asked Quadra to move my site across to PHP 5 and it was done within the hour. FANTASTIC service!

I have just moved my site hosting from Dreamhost to you. Other hosting providers seem to stack up a thousand domains on small servers, offer a good price, but what they don't tell you is that you will never be able to come any where close to the using all that is promised.

Thank you for the wonderful service and properly configured systems you provide.

I would like to pass on my thanks to you in the prompt professional service you provide time and time again, it is a pleasure to have some of our sites hosted with you. I have recommended Quadra to a lot of other companies to fulfil their hosting needs.

Once again well done!

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that i have found your hosting to be top notch over the past 2 years i have been using it. The quality and stability of your service has been better then i have experienced with two other hosting firms, one is another in your local area ( aus, GC )

Your hsphere configuration is excellent and has never broken on me while using it, where as I consistantly have problems with bad implementations of hsphere with the two other hosts I have used.

Your prices and the services you get for the money are spot on.

All thou you do not provide phone support, I have found your knowledge base and support ticket system to be invaluable and if required your tech support via email has been prompt.
It has been more then adequate.

So yeah, just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work!

As an Online florist based in Melbourne we require a host that offers a service beyond the norm. Since our hosting began we have been amazed by not only the speed of our site but also the customer service.

Star Florist of Melbourne

Between myself and my clients, I estimate I have over 100 domains hosted with Quadra Hosting. I've been using their services for about a year now, and I have to say they are the best web host I have ever used (in ten years of experience). I don't say this lightly - their uptime record is exemplary, their support (what little is required) is fast and easy to understand, and their prices are amazing. Thank you for a great service!

We recently started a business and after a lot of research chose Quadra for our web hosting. The reliability has been exceptional and we have recieved great support when we needed to ask a question. We created our website (www.responsesystems.com.au) easily and with no prior experience using Quadra's "Site Studio" tool. Highly recommended !

In my opinion, a host should never be measured by anything other than how they respond to issues, problems and enquiries. On this front, Quadra hosting have been absolutely without fault superb.

Where many hosting firms put up road blocks for the sake of it, and are slow to respond, if they respond at all, and generally difficult, Quadra are always prompt, respond to problems or issues quickly and with a minimum of fuss and generally do a fantastic job.

Even better, their service is so good I have had very, very few problems at all.

I can't recommended Quadra for hosting highly enough.

I'm just emailing to thankyou for your great service.

I've settled in now having moved all of my customers/domains over to Quadra (approx. 45) and have found very little trouble after sorting out some initial stuff.

So again I just wanted to thank you for your professional service and encourage you to keep up the great effort !!

Just a quick note to relay my appreciation of your service on to whom it may concern.

I have been with Quadra for just under a year now and have nothing but praise for the service and people behind it.

One of our sites is quite complex in its structure and consequently I have run into a few problems on the way, The help desk has been very quick and efficient in fixing every problem that arises.

One of our sites is using around 20gb of bandwidth per month, and not once has it faulted or bogged down. In fact below is a copy of the summary I receive from an independent source.


Weekly Total
Outages 0
Time on error 00:00
% Uptime 100.0

Well done again and keep up the good work.

I have never had more fun spending my hard earned money. You have the best customer service I have ever experience from any company, ever. Your prices are very reasonable, your software makes running multiple web sites an absolute breeze and on top of all of that, your servers are _fast_ and chock full of features.

I wouldn't dream of hosting my web sites anywhere else!

Thanks Quadra!

Quadra's tech support is _amazing_. You email them with a problem, often out of business hours, and they reply in less than 5(!) minutes and communicate with you answering your questions and working on the solution. Unbelievable. But true.

I have several business and hobby sites that Quadra Hosting have been hosting for 18 months now, and I figured it was about time I wrote a testimonial to the superb service I have received. I am one of those customers with just enough knowledge to get me into all sorts of trouble, and if I was with any other host I'm sure I would have done so many times over!

The speed, quality and patience of customer service that I continue to receive is fantastic. The Australian servers are extremely fast, and if I understood all the advanced functionality available to me I'm sure I would be equally impressed by that too.

I recommend Quadra Hosting, without reservation, to anyone that asks. You simply can't fail to be delighted with the high speed, low cost and top notch customer service they provide.

I've never had hosting services before, but after doing my research Quadra Hosting was the only company I could find without ANY bad comments. But with the prices being so cheap I was still a bit sceptical, but I gave it a go and it has just been such a smooth and hassle free experience.

I can't put into words how brilliant the control panel and support services are which Quadra have, and as I have seen with many other customers, I've also been a beneficiary of EXTREMELY quick responses to my requests. Today they installed a Python module for me half an hour or something after I requested, no questions asked!? Where else does that happen???

Brilliant company, I will be recommending Quadra Hosting to everyone intereted in web hosting to save them time in researching and money via choosing an inferior company (i.e. any other company besides Quadra). Thanks Guys

I just wanted to go beyond sending you support tickets when things (rarely) go wrong to say thank you. For a superb, feature rich control panel, for great uptime and prompt responses. Quality through and through, highly recommended!

I chose Quadra Hosting as I liked the idea of the multiple domain option. Also the
prices were extremely competitive both for hosting and domain registration.

The service has been absolutely excellent, my account was active within an hour of
signing up.

I have had no problems in hosting my sites, everything works first time, every time.

Overall I think this is a first class hosting service and I will be recommending it
to other people looking for a quality hosting service solution for their business.

I must say the support at quadrahosting is outstanding and the techs do know what they are doing. My biggest concern while hosting on a shared host is, if my sites will be safe from any security exploits or bugs in the applications which are used on the host.

All these fears have disappeared with the servers being managed efficiently by the techs at quadrahosting and added to the fact the hosting Servers being FreeBSD.

I should thank quadra for the immediate actions taken in managing the recent security exploits. Job well done!

Also I should commend on the excellent knowledge base and the very well laid out site.

I've always been impressed with your proactive support. I happily recommend Quadra Hosting to clients that require a hosting solution.

We have used many 3rd party hosting companies in the US, UK and Australia for our varied client base. I cannot emphasise to you enough, how impressed we are with the service that we have experienced from Quadrahosting. Many hosting companies talk the talk but you definitely walk the walk. I have no hesitations in recommending your service. If you're reading this and don't believe me on this website, contact me yourself.

Absolutely outstanding! AAA+++

Quadra Hosting has supplied the best support I have ever experienced with a third
party technology provider. I think they understand what "customer service" means.

Quadra Hosting replied to my support calls quickly, efficiently and coherently.

The hosting environment is user friendly and the forums are also helpful.

I have found the service friendly and the technology seems very effective for my
PostNuke site.

I'd definitely say go with Quadra Hosting.

I have never written a review for any online service until now. I am so impressed with Quadra Hosting it's worth writing about.

I have been hosted with a "well known provider" previously for 6 or so years although they may seem to have all the bells and whistles, I did not use them.

To find an alternative provider was frustrating until I found the Quadra Hosting Site. The features offered certainly represent good value for money, and will allow me to expand my websites easily should I desire to do so.

The initial sign up was easy and all my questions answered so quickly, even late at night.

Thank you to the team at Quadra Hosting for making my hectic life just that little bit easier. :)

I would like to properly express my immeasurable appreciation for:

(a) The standard of web-hosting packages your Company provides, let alone the fact that they are, as it is, highly competitive on a value-for-money basis;

(B) The extraordinary ability to provide flexible, situationally responsive (customised) web hosting; and

( c ) The depth of technical expertise you and your technical staff possess in the areas of web-hosting, the Unix and Windows systems, data centres and use of scripting languages (such as PHP, ASP) with which to process data.

I was highly recommended to your Company by a computer administrator of a University in NSW, as a result of my having experienced extraordinary and inexcusable lack of technical support with my previous web-host provider. I've already sent an email to you on this, and so shall not commit tautology here. Suffice to say, that I have carried out background research on the different web-hosting providers available in Australia, and have a good idea in what is available. Research that went beyond the biased gloss that computer magazines portray. Hence, my appreciation is based on knowing what's out there and in having matched the depth and breadth of features and functionality your Company offers across other ones, for a comparable cost.

It must, therefore, be said that to say your web-hosting packages are a "good product," or that your service is a "top service" does not go anywhere near enough to speak of, or even provide a door-crack-glimpse of -- say -- one of your technical staff and/or yourself who are able to go to the point of providing technical support services to the degree of receiving out-of-office hours Client requests and sending prompt replies to (a) acknowledge such requests, and (B) provide a reply/support via the cell-phone.

This is the sort of thing that one sees in million-dollar Internet companies, with expert technicians, providing services to Clients who are worth millions of dollars, and who pay extraordinary amounts of money to have.

To this end, your Company has therefore achieved one of the rarest things seen in Australia; and that is, treating each of your Clients as though each one is a million-dollar VIP company, who receive excellent technical support. The fact that I have had every single one of my technical questions/problems answered promptly, and resolved the problem 100% successfully, is testament to the high level of Excellence in technical expertise held by your staff and yourself.

Your Company WORKS with its Clients, it doesn't just 'do stuff to them'. There's a vast difference, as it values and appreciates them as experts in what they do in their own respective business/area, while they in turn value and appreciate the high expertise you have in what you provide for them with regards to a presence on the Internet. This is a treatment that your Company clearly does through actions, rather than words. And from a Company where you not only know what you are doing, but have an outstanding Research and Development aspect that actively keeps your services and infrastructure up-to-date for all your Clients,
and at no extra cost, at all. (E.g., upgrading of MySQL, upgrading of PHP, auto-virus checking of emails, etc.)

For me, it is not a matter of convincing the Client, whether big or small, that you are a worthy Web Hosting Company, but a matter of the Client having unfading confidence in such a fact, sitting back and enjoying your Packages and technical support, with only one regret. The regret that they did not have your Company's services sooner.

I am extremely delighted to have transferred over my web-site to your Company, a site which I can now develop further, as a result, and would welcome the opportunity to recommend you highly to anyone.

Yours sincerely,
Harris Iacovou, M.Ed.(Staff Dev.), B.Ed., Dip.T., MACA
Teacher, South Aust.
Computer Consultant, ACOS

Your service is second to none!!

There are a lot of dreamweaver developers around the world who would like to be able to use asp.net with mysql for cost reasons but are unable to because dreamweaver does not support dsn or MyODBC properly with asp.net, so I appreciate your effort.

I am so glad I found Quadrahosting because your service and products absolutely kick any other web hosts that I've seen (Australia and overseas)

I have been a customer with Quadrahosting since last September [2003]. I have been amazed by the level of support and the lengths that they go to to help out, no matter what time of day (and even night).

Could not ask for better service. An email with a couple of pre-buy queries answered within minutes convinced me to go ahead. Getting started could not possibly be easier. I congratulate you on your excellent service and facilities.

I have been thoroughly impressed with the service and support available at Quadra Hosting.

I have used a number of web host providers over the years and Quadra Hosting been the most impressive so far.

From the point of setting up the account, to the point of having everything running smoothly, I have been very happy. The customer support has exceeded my expectations in providing useful and friendly technical support that always delivers results in a timely manner.

All this at a very competitive price - congratulations Quadra Hosting for doing a great job.

A very happy customer.

I have been with Quadra Hosting for quite some time now, and I have to say that I am very happy with this host company. I Have recommended QH to my friend and I recommend it to anyone who wants reliable web hosting and great support. Big thanks goes to Jim for his work.

Our sites serve over 2 million sessions a year, so reliable and affordable hosting is important to us. Since moving to Quadra Hosting, we've been very impressed with the great value and great support. Thanks guys!

My projects are demanding, and when I first approached Quadra Hosting, I was afraid of asking for too much. All my fears were gone the moment I told them that I needed PEAR installed for a special project - and they had it on my server before we finished our instant message conversation.

It is rare to find the type of help that quadrahosting provides. They are prompt with answers to the questions I ask them, exteremly kind and generous and go out of their way to make my business presence on the net a most enjoyable experience.

Generally with ISPs you are lucky to get 2 out of 3 when it comes to price, customer service, and reliability.

It's safe to say the prices are great, the customer service has always been very prompt with useful responses, and the only downtime was for server upgrades for which we were given advance notice for.

A very rare occurrence in this industry to get 3/3, but Quadra Hosting pulled it off.

I still can't believe how good Quadrahosting is!

It was a big decision for us to change where our web site and emails were hosted because we just couldn't afford downtime and problems during or after the changeover. Well the changeover went so smoothly that it was just amazing.

We now have a really fast and reliable web site. We take care of all our own web site design and updates. Any changes we make are published up to our web site with the click of the mouse. It's too easy!

Our emails to, are just great. The flexibility we now have with unlimited email addresses, aliases, forwarders and auto responders has provided a new dimension to our email marketing.

The really amazing thing is that we control all of this (and much more) ourselves through Quadrahosting's Control Panel. It allows us to use any web browser to fully configure all features of our web sites and email over multiple domains.

We have had some questions along the way and the support has always been really helpful and really quick. The staff at Quadrahosting are great.

So we now have a faster and more reliable web site and emails than before. We have more features and functionality and we get to control it ourselves. Support is always available and effective and the price for all of this is extremely affordable.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Quadrahosting to anyone looking for webhosting services.

Neville South

LoanAlert was our first website and like anything you do for the first time, you are pretty nervous about doing things right. Well I must say Quadra [Hosting] took all the stress out of building and hosting our website. The level of commitment to [their] service was exceptional. We did contact other host companies to compare, but nothing compared with Quadra [Hosting]. I would recommend them to anyone.

Your service is by far the best I have ever experienced - you are always contactable, prompt, give appropriate advice, go well beyond what should be expected of you, and deserve to be a big player in cyberspace.

Finally have www.otter-software.com.au transferred.. Love the service! Have forums running, and a Python powered Wiki behind the scenes for my own use.. the mail services are fantastic.. the autoresponders and mailing lists especially..

Looking forward to a long association..

I must say I like the control panel you have chosen - I am managing 3 domains now on my Quadra Hosting account, and the control panel makes it quite painless to do so.

Well done.

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