Web Hosting with Multi-Server Clustering Architecture

Traditional Hosting

Traditional web hosting, normally with WHM/cPanel system, utilise one single server to run everything for you. This means that the Web server (Apache), Email Server, Database Server (MySQL), and even the Control Panel would all be running within the same server environment. The benefit of this set up is simplicity, and lower cost since one "box" is all that's needed to deliver the web hosting service. This is perhaps the ideal set up for low cost, simple web hosting service, which has its place as well.

However, when one service is busy, everything is affected. For example, if someone happens to innocently click "sort" on their web mail containing tens of thousands of messages (not uncommon these days), the mail server will be busy performing sorting operation. Because the mail server is on the same server as the web server and the database server, everything suddenly slows down in the mean time. Ooops! There can be so many things interfering with the web and database performance in this set up.

Quadra Hosting Multi-Server Clustering

Web Hosting with Multi-Server Cluster

Our Australian web hosting runs on a cluster of powerful servers. In contrast to the traditional web hosting companies who utilise one server to run all their services, Quadra Hosting utilise multiple servers to deliver our web hosting services. In this set up, one server will be dedicated to running the web server (Apache or IIS), another server is dedicated to running only MySQL server, yet another for PostgreSQL, MSSQL, DNS, and so on. We have hundreds of servers with multiple servers assigned to each of these dedicated tasks.

By having each server performing its dedicated task, each task is being performed more efficiently without having to compete against other services within the same server environment. Your web applications will draw upon the power of 7 or more servers instead of just one. This set up ensures maximum overall performance, ideal for modern web applications such as e-Commerce, Joomla, and Wordpress web hosting. It is one of the reasons why Quadra Hosting is the best choice for PHP web hosting in Australia.