Microsoft SQL Server Database
for ASP and ASP.NET

SQL Server Database Hosting

MSSQL Database is available on our Windows hosting for ASP or ASP.NET powered web sites.

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Windows Web Hosting
Hosting for ASP.NET web sites powered by SQL Server databases

Deployment and Supported Tools
When hosting your MS SQL database with Quadra Hosting you may use DTS (Data Transformation Service) to upload your data to our server. Alternatively you may also upload your MDF or backup file to your home directory and let us know about it so we can restore it to your database for you.

You may access and manipulate your database using the standard Enterprise Manager that is shipped with MSSQL Server. However, when you don't have access to this tool, Quadra Hosting also provides a web based MSSQL Management tools similar to the Enterprise Manager. You may use this tool as an alternative to Enterprise Manager by just using your web browser.

Quadra Hosting runs its MSSQL Server on Windows Server platform for the highest performance and reliability.

Among many of the advantages of Windows Server platform for MS SQL Server are:

About MSSQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server exceeds dependability requirements and provides innovative capabilities that increase employee effectiveness, integrate heterogeneous IT ecosystems, and maximize capital and operating budgets. Microsoft SQL Server provides the enterprise data management platform your organization needs to adapt quickly in a fast-changing environment.

The availability of Microsoft Windows Server introduces a new era of database computing for SQL Server users. Database applications on Windows Server can reach levels of reliability, security, availability, and scalability previously attainable only on mainframe systems.