PostgreSQL Hosting

Quadra Hosting provides PostgreSQL Hosting on its Unix web hosting services with the following benefits:

PostgreSQL Server Separation

To provide the best performance for our customer's applications and databases, Quadra Hosting runs its database servers on separate physical machines, and not on the same machines that act as a web server.

This configuration also provides better performance for our web servers, because they can utilise the entire server's resources without having to share it with other applications.

It makes our hosting service faster and more robust compared to other hosts who normally run everything on the same server.

PostgreSQL Hosting Servers Configuration

Language support: plpgsql. Additional language can be installed upon request.

Daily Backup and Data Archival

When you utilise our PostgreSQL and web hosting service, you can be sure that your databases and tables are backed up on a daily basis by us to ensure that you will never lose any data. Our backups are done daily and several copies are kept to allow you to rollback your database to as far as 7 days back.

Web Based Database Management with PhpPgAdmin

You can manage your PostgreSQL databases and tables using the popular PhpPgAdmin utility provided by Quadra Hosting.

Command Line Interface for Advanced Users

The shell access facility on our Unix Hosting allows you to backup, restore, and manage your PostgreSQL databases using PostgreSQL's command line utilities such as psql, pg_dump etc.

About PostgreSQL Database Server

PostgreSQL database is an open source and mature database server product with the following characteristics:

Legendary reliability and stability
Unlike many proprietary databases, it is extremely common for companies to report that PostgreSQL has never, ever crashed for them in several years of high activity operation. Not even once. It just works.

The source code is available to all at no charge. If your staff have a need to customise or extend PostgreSQL in any way then they are able to do so with a minimum of effort, and with no attached costs. This is complemented by the community of PostgreSQL professionals and enthusiasts around the globe that also actively extend PostgreSQL on a daily basis.

Cross platform
PostgreSQL is available for almost every brand of Unix (34 platforms with the latest stable release), and Windows compatibility is available via the Cygwin framework. Native Windows compatibility is also available from several commercial companies.

Designed for high volume environments
We use a multiple row data storage strategy called MVCC to make PostgreSQL extremely responsive in high volume environments. The leading proprietary database vendor uses this technology as well, for the same reasons.

GUI database design and administration tools
Several high quality GUI tools exist to both administer the database (pgAdmin, pgAccess) and do database design (Tora, Data Architect).

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