Secure and Reliable Hosting Service


At Quadra Hosting, we take security issues very seriously. We try to provide a shared hosting service that is as secure as possible, given the constraints and nature of the shared hosting environment.

Firewall Protection is one of the standard tools we use to protect our servers from malicious attacks and exploits on the net.

Keeping Up To Date with Security Notices and Patches is one of our most important practice in keeping our systems secure.

We utilise PHP's open_basedir protection as an added level of protection against cross-site access in a shared environment.

On the Windows platform, each web site runs under a unique user ID to isolate the permissions and privileges from one another.

Our virtual server packages offer the utmost security for the storage of sensitive data because it is single-tenanted. On the Virtual Server, there are no other customers sharing the server so your privacy is guaranteed.


We put emphasis and effort to ensure the reliability of our web hosting services. We understand that your web site and online presence require a reliable web hosting service. Therefore, we have designed our system to be fault tolerant and robust so that we can offer you our 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Network: Our network utilises redundant hardware, routing and switching equipment that are connected to multiple upstream links for redundancy and increased reliability.

24/7 Network Operations Center: Our network is monitored by on-site staff around the clock because global e-business never sleeps. The on-site staff is responsible to monitor the network health as well as providing us with secondary line of service monitoring and alerting.

24/7 Comprehensive Service Monitoring: We monitor all services to make sure every aspect of our hosting service is operating within the expected parameters. This monitoring includes HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, POP3, SMTP, DNS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Disk space, and CPU load of every single one of our server. Automated alerting system is in place to notify us should there be any problem so we can work on the issue and rectify the situation as soon as possible.

RAID Arrays are utilised on all our servers for the extra peace of mind. Hard drives are one of the weakest components on a server. Quadra Hosting utilises server grade, highest performance hard drives with RAID array configuration to reduce the risk of drive failures and improve our hardware reliability. The server grade disks are designed for 24x7 operation with high read/write rate. Additionally, RAID also offers a higher disk performance.

Off-server Backup is performed daily on customers web files, databases, emails and settings. 7 days of backup copies are kept on a separate backup server. This helps us restore our service should the RAID drives ever fail. As an added advantage, you can call on our backup should you ever accidentally delete your files or database. It can be a real life saver to a project or a live web site.