Virus Protected Email Service

Quadra Hosting scans all incoming emails and stop viruses from reaching your inbox. This is to ensure that you will not fall victim to the virus or worm that are currently spreading through email in the wild, which often spread quickly and can fill up unprotected mailboxes causing legitimate emails to bounce.

Our Virus Protection is automatic. There is nothing you need to do to activate it as it works on everyone's mailboxes, quietly scanning and discarding identified viruses and worms. With over 20,000 virus definition growing daily in our anti virus database and daily updates, our anti virus provides you with a good first line defence over email borne viruses.

Do I Still Need an Anti Virus on My Computer?

Yes certainly. Although email is the main method of virus spreading these days, there are still chances of getting virus from other sources. Our Anti Virus might miss a virus or two. We highly recommend you to install an anti virus on your computer for the extra protection.

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