True Multi Domain Hosting

Quadra Hosting's True Multi Domain Web Hosting

On other hosts (those with cPanel control panel), your account will be associated with one main domain name only. Other domains you add (if you can add them), will be "Addon domains" and they will reside in a subdirectory inside your "main domain". This arrangement is inflexible, not ideal and can be potentially insecure, because your addon domain can be accessed through

With Quadra Hosting, instead of having all your extra domains residing inside one "main" domain, each of your domain will reside in its own separate directory. There is simply no concept of "main" domain or "additional" domain. They are all equal.

Multi-Server Clustering

To learn about our multi-server clustering approach to web hosting, please click here.

Consolidate Your Web Sites in One Convenient Place and Save

Quadra Hosting's True Multi Domain account feature enables you to put all your web sites in one single account. This gives you many benefits:


This is a comparison of how your directory structure looks like when using other hosting and Quadra Hosting.

True Multi Domain Web Hosting
Quadra Hosting's Multi Domain True Separation

Total Control Over Each Web Site

Quadra Hosting's True Multi Domain feature allows you to have total control over each web site that you have, just as if they are hosted on separate accounts. For example you can enable CGI on one site and disable it on the others. The control panel handles the multiple domain elegantly by allowing you to select which particular domain to manage.

Multiple Domain Management
Fig. 2 Select the web site to manage.

The only difference with single domain account is that instead of having multiple separate logins that are hard to remember, you have one single login to access and manage all your web sites through our flexible control panel.

Domain Separation of E-mail Addresses

With Quadra Hosting's True Multi Domain, each domain will have their own, separate email accounts. You can have two different login / password, one for and a separate one for

For Web Designers Who Maintain Web Sites for Multiple Clients

Our True multi domain account is ideal for those who have more than one web site. For example you can host all your clients' web sites and charge them for the hosting, and you only need to pay us for one account fee.

The management of all your web sites will be centralised in one single account login so you do not have to login/logout over tens of different accounts.

Multiple Sub-FTP Access

You can create "sub-ftp" accounts that allows you to grant restricted access to certain subdirectories within your account. You can grant this access to a particular domain only, because each domain is separated into a different directory. The sub-ftp account will not be able to access or see your other files / domains.

For example, you have, and (see the first image above). You can then create a sub-ftp account called "domain1ftp" (or any name you like) and assign/restrict it to only access and see ~/ sub directory. When they login using "domain1ftp" all they can see as their root directory are the files located inside ~/ So using the illustration above, they can only see "images", and "other_directories" in their directory listing. They will not be able to access your main root directory, nor anything in or